Physicians Snared By Growing Medicare Fraud Strike Team

Marcella Auerbach was quoted by Amy Lynn Sorrel in her article “Physicians snared by growing Medicare fraud strike team,” which appeared in the July 6 online edition of American Medical News. The article discussed the announcement by the Department of Justice and Health & Human Services that criminal charges were filed against 53 doctors and healthcare professionals for allegedly scheming to submit false Medicare claims in the Detroit area.

These indictments come immediately after the government recently publicized the creation of a Medicare anti-fraud task force aimed at reducing the millions of dollars wasted every year in healthcare fraud. The task force has said it will focus on all participants in fraud, be it the corporation, the physician, or even patients.  

Marcella pointed out that she believed there will be many more similar Medicare fraud indictments and cases in the near future. Meanwhile, whistleblowers will continue to play an important and crucial role in the government’s crackdown on healthcare fraud. When employees or physicians who are aware of misconduct do not come forward, the government will initiate investigations proactively, often resulting in a large number of indictments against the company or hospital, as demonstrated by this bellwether case in Detroit.