HealthSouth and Its Doctors Pay Nearly $15 Million Settlement to Government

HealthSouth is the nation’s largest provider of inpatient rehab services and was formerly one of the largest providers of outpatient rehab services, ambulatory surgery services and diagnostic imaging services until it sold those businesses earlier this year.  However, illegal Kickbacks and False Claims have cost HealthSouth Corporation and two of its physicians nearly $15 million.  This is what is took to settle allegations that false claims were submitted to the government and illegal kickbacks were paid to orthopedic surgeons who referred patients for care to HealthSouth Corp. hospitals, outpatient rehab clinics and ambulatory surgery centers.  The Department of Justice is continuing to investigate other improper physician referral relationships.

The Anti-Kickback Statute arose out of congressional concern that payoffs to those who can influence healthcare decisions will result in goods and services being provided that are medically unnecessary, of poor quality or even harmful to a vulnerable patient population.  To deter these harms, Congress enacted a per se prohibition against the payment of kickbacks in any form, regardless of whether the particular kickback gave rise to over utilization or poor quality of care.

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