Congressman Fattah Issues Statement Supporting DOJ Fraud Recoveries

Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) issued a statement today, as the “top Democratic appropriator” for the Department of Justice:

“The Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder’s leadership just announced that it has recovered a three-year record of nearly $9 billion for fraudulent claims against the government. A huge amount of that recovery is for healthcare and Medicare fraud. Justice is going after the drug companies, phony equipment purveyors and all those who prey on the sick and the elderly while stealing from the government that insures them ….. [o]n the House Appropriations Committee we are committed to providing Justice and other federal departments involved in this critical recovery effort with the resources they need to fight for the taxpayers against the fraudsters.”

We believe that nearly all of the $9 billion recovery no doubt originated with Medicare fraud qui tam whistleblowers. We applaud the Congressman’s enthusiasm and support of funding for anti-fraud efforts within the Department of Justice and its supporting law enforcement agencies. Funding for anti-fraud efforts has resulted in over ten times the return to the Government, according to past Taxpayers Against Fraud Reports.

For more information about qui tam law and Medicare fraud, contact Nolan and Auerbach, P.A.