$50 Million Medicare Fraud Surrounds Clinics, Pharmacies and Durable Medical Equipment Companies

The owner of three Miami, Florida medical equipment companies was convicted by a jury of Medicare fraud with sentencing scheduled for June 12th.  This prosecution was part of a greater scheme which included kickbacks involving 23 clinics, 3 pharmacies and 3 durable medical equipment companies.  According to R. Alexander Acosta, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, the Medicare program was billed for more than $20 million with over half the money kicked back to six of Aguera’s co-defendants in exchange for bringing patients to the pharmacies.  Patients were also paid for access to their Medicare information and for purchasing phony prescriptions from corrupt doctors to provide to the pharmacies.  In addition, the three Miami pharmacies involved—Lily’s Pharmacy, Unimed Pharmacy and Prestige Pharmacy illegally compounded non-FDA approved medicine and then billed Medicare.

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